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Teresa Smith

ONE IN A MILLION! Sara Phelps was instrumental in the sale of my home, which was truly a difficult and convoluted property to negotiate. Sara’s first-hand knowledge of the property was truly insightful and beneficial.

My home on Lake Erie was in a critical dunes area, and not easily accessible in the winter. The board association of our co-op only issued stock certificates; there were no actual deeds of sale. All of these factors represented possible negative aspects and Sara thoroughly researched the situation and interviewed numerous local real estate agents. Through her efforts she managed to find an agent in the area who was dedicated, extremely competent and understood the complexity of the situation. Without Sara’s careful analysis and overseeing the entire project, I would not have been able to sell my home.

Sara and the agent she ultimately selected worked together in selling my home. The Board Association was actually very difficult, but Sara managed to help smooth all the negotiations with the board. Likewise, she was also instrumental in helping me through this very difficult situation and gave me excellent advice and guidance throughout this entire process. I am so grateful to Sara Phelps for her professionalism, guidance and scope of understanding this difficult negotiation.

Without Sara’s help, the sale of my home would not have been possible. I am truly indebted to her and grateful to have had her select and assist the local agent she chose.