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Benefits of staging your home before selling

There is everything to gain and nothing to lose when you decide to stage your home prior to selling it. It is certainly the way to go among most owners of houses for sale in Big Sur, CA because of its strong buyer-pulling power.

Most real estate agents in California, including Monterey County Realtors like me, highly recommend to their respective clients that home staging be done in their quest to get their homes sold for top dollar. These are some of the reasons why:

You get to pack your belongings as home staging commences

Home staging requires a clutter-free home, so take this step in the home selling process as your cue to get packing. This approach has two-pronged benefits: first, you clear your home of personal paraphernalia to give potential buyers the liberty to imagine themselves living in it. Second, all this personal paraphernalia you gathered can now be sorted into boxes and placed in storage as you prepare for your coming move.

You give the appearance of a larger home

One clear indicator of a staged home is the appearance of having wide open spaces. This is because furniture and décor are at a minimum and are strategically placed in areas within the home to create a clear “flow.” This flow is when one can move from one room to another without bumping into anything from oversized sofas to ill-placed cabinets. Making potential buyers believe that your home is spacious is an advantage that can bring your home-selling process to a fast and fitting conclusion.

Your selling price can easily be justified

Many homebuyers can be quite sharp with their knowledge of real estate trends in your area. Some of them have done their research beforehand and may use the information they gathered to negotiate for a lower price than what you indicated. But if your home is properly staged to elicit nothing but oohs and ahhs during their visits, you could stand your ground on your initial price offer. It will be much easier to justify that such an attractive home deserves nothing less than its fair market value which you are offering to them. It’s an offer that will be hard to resist.

Your home becomes move-in ready

The staging process is one where you create an ideal scenario for a homebuyer. That means repairs have mostly been done and the home is presentable enough that if a homebuyer closes negotiations and moves in immediately, they can have a housewarming party the following day. This is an ideal setup for many homebuyers whose funds are already depleted by the time they’re handed the keys to their new home. They can move in knowing that there’s nothing to worry about and no home fixes to add to their tight budget.

Even the buyer’s agent is excited about your home

Real estate agents have been to many homes in their entire career, some of which lacked staging or were not staged at all. The moment they encounter a home that’s been well-staged, even they will rave about it to their clients. Believe me when I say that you will want that kind of attention from these professionals. Once they start gushing about how excited they are to bring their clients to your home, this excitement can become contagious and bring you the desired attention from homebuyers.

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