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4 Ways Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

If you are preparing to sell your home, you might be thinking about scheduling your home inspection. While some people prefer to wait until they have a buyer lined up, this can actually slow down the sale of the home. Getting your inspect...

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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Coastal Property

Living on the coast sounds like paradise. Waking up every morning to the sparkling blue water and watching the sunset over the ocean is a great way to live. However, new buyers should stop and think before they pull the trigger. While the...

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4 Ultimate Luxury Spas in Monterey County

Monterey County is often thought of as a relaxing destination for a weekend away, and what better way to relax than with a visit to one of the area’s ultimate luxury spas? Next time you want to spend a weekend pampering yourself, check ou...

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3 Down Payment Strategies for First-Time Homebuyers

You have probably been told multiple times that you need to save a 20% downpayment for your first home. While there are a few exceptions, it is generally a good rule of thumb to follow. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to save up this d...

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Benefits of staging your home before selling

There is everything to gain and nothing to lose when you decide to stage your home prior to selling it. It is certainly the way to go among most owners of houses for sale in Big Sur, CA because of its strong buyer-pulling power. Most rea...

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What you need to purchase a home

If you’re planning on purchasing one of the many homes for sale in Monterey County, CA, it helps to learn as much as you can about the process and the area itself. One thing you should know is that many California homebuyers purchase ...

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