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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Coastal Property

relaxing waterfront view from a single family home

    Living on the coast sounds like paradise. Waking up every morning to the sparkling blue water and watching the sunset over the ocean is a great way to live. However, new buyers should stop and think before they pull the trigger. While there are some beautiful properties for sale in coastal California, these homes require some additional upkeep when compared with inland properties.

    You will want to do your homework ahead of time and make sure that you are buying a property that is in line with your needs.

  1. Estate, single-family home, or condo?

    The first thing you will need to decide is what kind of property you would like to purchase. Will you often host lots of out of town guests? Or will there only be a couple of people staying at the house? Are you planning to live in the home full time or use it as a vacation home? If it will be a vacation home, will you rent it out when you are away?

    Each property type has its pros and cons. Estate style properties are usually on large land lots and can have 6 or more bedrooms, ensuring that you have plenty of space for the whole family. The downside is that larger homes require more upkeep.

    On the other end of the spectrum, condos have very little property and 3 or fewer bedrooms. This can be better if you are looking for a spot for a quick weekend getaway or if you have a smaller family. You will need to pay HOA fees, but these are typically less than the maintenance fees associated with larger homes.

  2. Flood Insurance

    While living by the ocean can be a rewarding experience, you will encounter some costs that are not associated with inland properties. For example, you will want to take out flood insurance to cover your coastal California home. Make sure you talk to an experienced broker to ensure that you have the appropriate coverage for your situation.

  3. Maintenance Costs

    You should also budget extra cash for routine maintenance costs. Your paint job and exterior hardware will take a beating from the salty air, so be prepared to replace these things more often. You will also want to ensure that any metal outside your home is stainless steel. This includes everything from your front door handle to your barbeque grill. Unlike other metals, stainless steel will not rust in the harsh salty air found along the coast. If you opt not to use stainless steel, be prepared to deal with the damage caused by rust.

  4. Real Estate Agent

    Once you make the decision to buy a coastal home, you will want to hire an experienced agent that knows the area. While coastal properties are generally more expensive, savvy Monterey County realtors will be able to tell you whether you are getting a good deal on a property or the property is underpriced for a reason. Reach out to our team at Coastal CA Homes to learn more about the deals available in Monterey.